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Who will benefit?
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Who will benefit?

Uninsured - people with no insurance who do not qualify for government assistance.

Underinsured - may have insurance coverage but choose a high deductable with high co-payments to help make the premiums more affordable.

Many people are surprised to find they fall into this category.

They go to the doctor thinking they have insurance coverage, only to find out they are responsible for most, or even all, of their bill.

Other people are covered by their employer, but cannot afford the costs involved to cover their entire family.


Business Owners

Many employers are forced to cut back on the insurance coverage for their employees, just to be able to provide insurance at all. With ALLIED MEDICAL MEMBERSHIP, an employer can provide his employees health insurance with a higher deductable and supplement that coverage with the medical membership program for routine healthcare. This helps both employer and employee benefit from lower premiums.

The ALLIED MEDICAL MEMBERSHIP is also an excellent way for companies that cannot afford an employee healthcare benefit to help their employees.