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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about your company

Allied Medical Membership (AMM) is a unique designed to help members have access to affordable primary care health services.

What was your inspiration for starting this company?

We opened the first Allied Medical Clinic in 2000. By 2003, it was clear that many of our patients were seeking treatment without financial healthcare assistance. Whether uninsured or underinsured, most of them had neither access to Medicaid or the advantage of traditional health insurance. Clinic management launched research to identify options for providing the community with affordable healthcare.

In March 2005, ALLIED MEDICAL MEMBERSHIP was born. Beginning with services in the Bethany/Northwest Oklahoma City clinic, the plan was to expand throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and make individual and family healthcare truly affordable.

Do you have plans for expansion?

The response has been overwhelming. We now have clinics Southwest Oklahoma City and Midwest City with plans for additional openings in the Moore and Ardmore areas by early 2008.

What is a medical membership and how does it work?

Allied Medical is a primary care medical office who has opened their doors for patients on a membership arrangement. Allied members receive $10.00 office visits for all primary care services, as well as some of the market's lowest rates for laboratory services, many radiology services and prescription medications.

Is this insurance? How is it different?

A medical membership is not health insurance. Like retail buying clubs, such as Sam's, AMM relies on the strength of its numbers to control costs and negotiate lower fees from outside providers.

Because there are no eligibility requirements, many people who either cannot qualify for or cannot afford health insurance can access healthcare services through AMM.

Oklahoma's more than 300,000 small businesses can use AMM's membership to help provide them and their employee's healthcare needs. The Memberships are portable. Unlike traditional health insurance, as long as membership fees are paid, services through AMM continue, even if the member changes jobs or loses other insurance coverage.

What do the insurance companies think of the membership?

Because it takes the same amount of time to process an invoice from a doctor's office visit as a hospital bill, insurance companies actually seem to like the membership. From an administrative standpoint the membership is actually saving the insurance company money by eliminating those smaller office visit bills.

Do you have your own Doctors on staff?

Yes, a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and other medical personnel staff each AMM clinic. You do not have to worry that each time you come to see the doctor, there is a new face.

What do the Doctors think of this membership?

Our providers love the membership plan. They are able to treat their patients without any interference from insurance about covered procedures. Additionally, because we eliminate the billing process, we are able to save the costs of at least one full time employee.

How has the membership affected how the doctors treat their members?

Because the doctors do not have to worry about getting insurance approval to order any lab or diagnostic tests, they are able to treat their patients as they see necessary.

How much does it cost?

Annual Membership Fees
$360 per year - adult membership
$180 per year - for member's spouse
$60 per year per child - for member's children under 18

Sample Diagnostic Charges
$30 EKG
$400 MRI
$4 CBC

How can you run this company and provide good medical care on a fee of $360 per year?

It's all about the number of members. The more members we have, the better buying power we have in negotiating laboratory, diagnostic and pharmaceutical costs.

Do you provide lab testing as well? Do you send it out, or do you have lab techs on staff?

We have licensed staff that draws the blood for lab tests. The blood may then be sent to an outside laboratory for testing.

Can the members get their medications at your clinics?

We partner with several local pharmacies for you to fill your included prescriptions as well as getting great discounts on medications not included in your membership.

Is hospitalization covered in the membership?

The membership does not offer hospitalization. However, AMM can be used as a supplement to any hospitalization insurance.

Who are your members?

Our members are employees of small businesses or individuals who have joined AMM. However, they do not qualify for state assistance and find that AMM is the best and sometimes only alternative for affordable health care.

How do you recruit members?

We offer memberships to small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals who need the affordable healthcare.

Where are your clinics located?

Allied Medical Membership has four clinic locations:

  • North - 6824 NW 23rd Street
  • South - 2952 SW 59th Street
  • Midwest City - 1200 S. Air Depot, Suite D
  • Moore - 13316 S. Western, Suite M

How do you become a member?

Visit the website: or contact the Allied Medical Membership office at 405-470-1238.